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Keep Trying Never Give Up

Do you ever get confused when you are sitting alone & thinking about the future? Suddenly you decide to search online, take advice from the known people, start reading articles, following some achievers, reading their blogs, watching youtube videos. But One person says you should do this and the other person says you should do that.

“Believe in your Self “

But you know what ? when you have options then the problem begins, So you get more confused which advice you need to follow.

I was also the same, when I graduated from a business school, I was not knowing many people which company is good, how to gain experience. After years of experience working for others in many companies, I decided to start my own venture, again the same thing came up what to do what kind of venture, which type of business is better for long run etc, there are 1000 of questions came in my mind, I too did the same thing checking online found good & few useless things

so when I started my entrepreneurship journey I learnt a few things out of which I have listed important points which every entrepreneur should remember & keep it in mind. These are the basic things which will help you in entrepreneurship. So here we go!!

Remove Negativity

First and foremost thing you need to do is to remove negativity, any things either they may be thoughts, doubts or negative people remove them from your life .you may get all kind of questions which creates negativity like my business is good or not? what if I fail? what if I lose money? or some people who you share the things that you are planning to start something new then you will get a reply like doing business is useless & its a waste of time,it has no money etc.so you have to stay away from thoughts as well as these type of people who demotivates you because they will never allow you to succeed in life, they are just that kind of baggage which is of no use to you in any of your endeavours because most of the people lack business knowledge or they want to see you fail or they themself are not sure about what’s happening in their life. You need to stay away from those people who will never give you the freedom to follow your passion.


Once you get rid of the all the negativity you need to focus on the things which you are passionate about, you may also come with the things that oh this business is running great which may be the need of the market I will also do this, the answer is Big No, its the biggest mistake because if you are not passionate about the work you do eventually you will lose interest then the business will affect. Do the things which you like, if you are passionate about music start a business related to it then automatically it will help you because you are doing the same thing you like & also now it’s your bread & butter too. So your focus & the experience will both add an advantage to your business.

“Passion is energy, Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you “

Opera Winfrey


Being an entrepreneur is the most difficult task in the world, believe me, you will realise this soon, even all the great businessmen/women have struggled to keep their businesses alive, you have to eat, sleep, walk, talk business then only it will work, it is not for the weak or lazy person, It requires immense courage to face rejections & sometimes insults too. you have to be ready for sweat, blood & sacrifices for your business. Entrepreneurship is like that ship which is sailing in the rough sea against the winds & you being the captain needs the courage to survive all the problems to make that ship sail.

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”

Risk Taking Ability

All entrepreneurs have to take the risk, if you are that kind of a person who wants fixed money or this much amount I need per month type or these are my needs to be fulfilled then it’s not for you, If you are not ready to sacrifice few things in life for some years at least then you are not passionate enough, there are some instances where people have kept their houses, cars mortgaged to follow their dreams & achieved it too. But their number is few, most of them lose because every business may not be amazon or tesla, everyone cannot be Bill Gates, So it depends on your business model what kind of the risk you need to take, but entrepreneurship is all about Risk & the ability to take it head-on. what I have learnt is if someone has responsibilities then they need to calculate the risk but in the end, it depends upon what type of business it is or is it worth to take such risks, or if its billion-dollar market I need to take such risks to achieve what I want, so it’s better to weigh the risk If I have X amount if I invest how much return I will get in this period or I will get customer base etc in this amount which will benefit in future, also make sure that certain amount is kept for personal use like medicals, basic needs, insurance etc.

“The biggest risk is not taking any Risk”

Mark zuckerberg

Hard work & Hope

In the end, what it matters is how much work you do towards that thing which needs the most, all the successful people if you read their biographies you will find one thing that never gave up, they tried until they achieved it, So you need to follow the same path, you need to work hard not worrying about the results, I read somewhere that if you do the same work for 21 days continuously you will develop it as a habit that’s why the car driving school keep their course for 21 days for 1 hr per day or 21 hours, so in entrepreneurship, you need to work all 24/7 even on holidays & other thing is HOPE, nobody knows the future but an entrepreneur should work hard & hope that his business will work, if you lose the hope in the business all the things which you do in life will be wasted. Hope plays the biggest role in one’s success a person can hope the things that y he/she can achieve it. Hope brings the motivation to do the all above things & be successful

Finally, the bottom line is entrepreneurship is tough but magical if you are passionate about the work you do, you will achieve your dream, All the above-mentioned things are interlinked to each other, you need to always remember that how & when to apply these things to your life, be it in business or life to create a business empire. So there is a famous quote & do remember this as well which will help you to motivate all the time which helped me a lot when I started my venture even today I read it daily once.

“If you want something which you never had, you have to do something you have never done”

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